Business Owner’s Problem #1 “I have thousands of emails and am drowning!” TWITFIELD

Problem #1: I have thousands of emails. I receive several dozen new emails every day. A lot of the emails require my full attention while others don’t need my immediate attention. However, I like being able to respond to all of my inquiries within 48 hours as I think it shows good customer service. I feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of emails. How can working with a Virtual Assistant help me?

Sort it!

The first order of business when you are buried under a mountain of email is to get it sorted. I will start by going through the email piece by piece and getting it sorted into its respective folder. Sometimes cleaning up email can be like clearing out an old attic. The work seems huge but once the clutter is gone you will feel much more capable.

Filter it!

Sorting out thousands of emails can take a lot of time. Once the job is done, it is very easy to slip back into the same predicament. Emails can pile up again in a matter of months or even weeks. In order to stop this from happening, I recommend placing filters on your email. With the help of filters, you will be able to separate all of your emails automatically into its own folder. Gone are the days where you have to face all your emails at once. You will be able to focus on the most important emails first and leave the less important ones for future viewing.


Once you email has been sorted, it is time to send out responses. If you are someone who often receives repetitive inquires and questions, setting up pre-written responses is a good idea to save time. You, the client, can attend to the high-priority emails and I, the virtual assistant, can see to the rest. Emails from vendors or customers will be replied to quickly, all appointments set up and added to your calendar, and any other email that is lower priority will be handled in your desired turnaround time.

Set up different email accounts!

While applying filters to emails can be beneficial for managing different types of emails in one place, I also recommend setting up multiple accounts. Setting up an account for personal use, business contact, scheduling, refunds, sales, etc., can help make things even easier. By putting emails in completely different accounts you can prepare yourself to deal with one issue at a time. Conversely, in the case of working with me as your VA, I can simply handle each account, on your behalf, and you never have to lay eyes on it.

Bonus: Add a FAQs section to your website!

If your website doesn’t already have a frequently asked question section, then it is time to get one set up. Having a FAQs section will help to eliminate repetitive emails and inquiries from your inbox. I will compile all a list of the most common questions you receive about your business and just add them to your website. That way, customers or clients can simply view this section rather than sending out an email over something like your refund policy.

That’s it! Emails are such an important part of our everyday life, but they don’t have to become your life. When working with me daily, your inbox problems become my problems. Start spending your time, your way and get back to work;)

 Article credited to Christine Twitfield

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