Top 10 Virtual Assistant Newbie Mistakes

Top 10 Virtual Assistant Newbie Mistakes

1_icon Placing wrong priorities in terms of preparation.

In the virtual assisting world, your experience, skills and knowledge might rank high; proper tools and equipment might help much in providing excellent services but the crucial component is marketing your business well. No amount of highly technical trainings and state of the art equipment can take the place of the old marketing tactic — planning and strategizing.

2_icon Lacking the entrepreneurial mind set.

Most new aspiring virtual assistants forget the most vital part of this whole industry — you own the business and you work for yourself; you are the owner and not the employee. You need to have the right mind set in order to grow your business and propel it to succeed.

3_icon Committing to projects but not meeting deadlines.

One very rampant mistake committed by many virtual assistants is to accept too much work but fail to deliver on time. Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of job orders coming in; learn to say NO, your clients will appreciate it more rather than receiving late, and often times, error-filled outputs. Remember that the key to your success is satisfying your clients.


4_icon Accepting and promising to deliver projects beyond your skill set and know-how.

A virtual assistant is expected to possess a variety of  skills and knowledge, yet to accept every job order you come across should not be your stance. Learning to do the task after contracting the job is a good way to jeopardize your business.

5_icon Bidding too low or too high on a project.

The rate you ask quote depends on what type of services you offer and the level of expertise you bring to the job. Do not, in any event, under price your services for the sake of getting an account. Indeed, you will get your job orders but you will end up working long hours for nothing. The best course is to know the normal rate in the industry and set your own rate in the middle. As someone new in the business, it is prudent not to go too low nor too high. As you grow in experience, you can easily raise the rate you charge.

6_icon Sending in sloppy, unorganized, half-baked work.

Always put your mind into your work to avoid poorly done and second-rate output. Understand all tasks involved in the job and try to ask for clarifications when things are vague and client’s instructions are not precise. Be excellent in everything you do — not mediocre, not halfway but exceptional and to the hilt! The virtual assistant industry is growing fast and the competition is quite big and daunting; in order to succeed, you have to do something or be above the rest.

7_icon Ignoring client’s emails, messages and other communication.

Communication with the client is very crucial to the virtual assistant job. Whatever outcome or anything happening to the project never cut the communication line. Your clients cannot see you and have no idea exactly what you are doing. A one liner email or IM updates will make a big difference in terms of how your clients will look at you. The connection you establish will pave the way for their trusting you and admiring your competence.

8_icon Not establishing a regular home-office schedule.

The pivotal qualification that you really need as a successful virtual assistant is self-discipline. With this one vital characteristic the rest follows. As long has you have enough experience and a good foundation in the essential skills, the rest will take care of itself.

9_icon Not capable of working without any supervision.

You are contracted to give support to your clients and they are expecting you to know what you are suppose to do. Asking too many irrelevant details will bother them. On the other hand, not following instructions carefully or neglecting to verify vague directions or worst, ignoring orders altogether are traits that clients will never appreciate. Remember, your task as a virtual assistant is to make things easier for them.

10_icon Not updating on the skills.

Once you decide that you want to be a virtual assistant, you must make it a point to remain on the cutting edge of technology. Continue to learn any new developments or new software that is connected with the services you are offering. Keep abreast of all the new trends in the industry, a virtual assistant needs this!

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