New location for the rest of 2015

Time, Dates and Venue have been changed throughout the end of the Year!

Unfortunately, the Lincolnia Senior Center has begun construction and we, the frugal fashionista’s had no place to hold our upcoming swaps on such short notice.

Enter the Franconia Governmental Center… For those who have been following us for years, you probably remember exactly where it is. (6121 Franconia Rd. Alexandria, VA 22310) This building is connected directly to the Police Station. All the same rules apply, see for date, time and location change. We had stopped using this venue b/c it was not able to accommodate 150 ppl so we found the Lincolnia.

There will still be a DJ (DJ Kat), still be holding a 50/50 raffle along with the raffle for donated items! Swag bags will be still be passed out and everyone is going to have a blast!

We do not have room to host vendors at this location and not holding a potluck. This is only temporary until the Lincolnia community room is available again, sometime after January!

Please go visit the site at

Make sure you double check the dates and times as they have changed.

Thanks so much for your patience! I know my swap bag is filled to the rim… how about yours?

Can’t wait to see you all friends and swappers alike!

Kim (Frugal Fashionista)
We love and take great pride in our clothing swaps!

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